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Very bad customer at that time we want to pay very rude lady cashier 🤔🤔 But good quality

I was there in this afternoon (Feb.2,2020) with my 2 kids and my wife. We waited the queue, but the guy in the front. the receptionist is a racist and very rude. He wrote us at the second page of the guest list while the Persian is in the front page. He priorities in his same nationality. I explained to him that we came first before that 2 groups even but he shouted and he said I dont care. I said we're just gonna leave and he replied at me. that's good!.. he's very rude unpolite..hoping that you do some action to this matter. Hoping that you dont tolerate this kind of employee. Thanks.

Where is the Menu

The menu is in the series of photos just scroll down

Is this place better than Altona kebab

It is great..

Why are the online prices different from the store?

You can call their and ask about.

I cant find menu and is it halal?

Here is the menue: and yes, it is halal.

Where can i see the menu? What do they have for breakfast?

Look at my photos for their menu

Can someone share opening and closing hours? It says it is open 24 hours. Is it true ?


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